Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Implementation

Betters Agency has worked tirelessly to build out enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics365 CRM to help the independent insurance agency! Specialized systems increases office efficiency. Our solutions help you leverage the world class capabilities of Dynamics 365 without expensive and mind deadening implementation periods! Dynamics 365 increases productivity and offers a platform to provide a unique customer experience and excellent customer service. Insurance organizations and intermediaries can manage complex relations with many variables and business processes that require a higher level of organization and complex workflows. 

Competitive agencies must remain in the digital age by increasing productivity, reducing administrative duties and simplification.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with our configurations and customizations focused on user experience, work, reports, gateways and mobile apps will help bring your agency to enterprise standards without the enterprise price tag.

Improve sales, customer retention and policy change with Best Insurance Software for Insurance.

Why Implement Dynamics 365 CRM for Insurance with Betters Agency?

We implement fast customer solutions developed by insurance experts with extensive insurance experience. Dynamics 365 CRM solutions leverage many of Microsoft’s Best in Class products: LinkedIn, Azure, Power Platform, AI, Machine Learning, Microsoft  Common Data Service and the innovative Microsoft cloud platform. We use Microsoft business applications, PowerPlatform, and security plugins to help organizations deliver great customer experiences. With the microsoft platform agencies are moved into modern technology with solutions such as self-service portals with automated workflows and quote calculators, as well as efficient integration with third-party providers.

What will a CRM for Insurance Implemented by Betters Agency provide?

Every insurance agency should be different and be the representative of choice for their customers. Delivering an advanced digital experience has become a necessity that helps differentiate and provides a faster way to deliver security solutions that meet all customer needs. The Betters Agency team works with insurance agencies to implement and customize a robust customer lifecycle management system to ensure it meets the agencies’ vision and operational needs. Some of the benefits of the solution are listed below.

Robust Access to Customer Data & Insurance Policy Information

  • Intuitive view of policy information from a global or customer perspective with visually extensible features.
  • Effectively manage AQP (Agent Quote Processing) responses, RFPs (Bid Requests), policy rates and carrier rate information.
  • Comment on the policy and look at the information year by year.
  • Get templates for insurance plans, each customer subscription plan, and type of coverage.
  • Capitalize on investments in technology and education with seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and SharePoint. Set up and support specific security workflows to improve the need for ethical factors to monitor and eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be accessed from Microsoft Outlook just as easily as any other Internet connection.

Improving the effectiveness of CRM marketing in the insurance industry

  • Identify new customers, increase sales and additional sales opportunities, and reward existing customers.
  • Activate targeted marketing campaigns in different customer segments.
  • Request dashboards and reports on agent and broker productivity, new sales channels, customer loyalty and annual commission versus expected sales targets.

Simplify customer interaction with the best CRM software

  • One-button Microsoft Excel export driver to quickly compare programs and create an RFP.
  • A complete view of prospects, customers and operators, including all future and past interactions anywhere in the office.
  • Manage support items by issue category, policy, customer, carrier, manufacturer, or contact for a real-time, comprehensive view of all service issues.
  • Gain insight into specific customer support so you can clearly calculate and articulate how much your office is delivering to each customer.
  • Track and store electronic documents for coherent and logical archiving and retrieval.

Effective commission tracking with CRM software for insurance agents

  • Easily manage future operator commissions and product delivery commissions in one system.
  • Manage commissions from a global perspective or review operator or product distribution policies or details.
  • Enter the shipping company’s monthly statements for a quick reimbursement of the expected commissions.
  • The requested reports provide an overview of current and expected commissions, manufacturer commissions, operator commissions and customer commissions.

But what if I want a different product?

We hear you loud and clear! Not all solutions fit all customers, while we are confident in our abilities to provide world class solutions leveraging Microsoft’s stellar product line up, we understand.. And for those business owners we are still happy to help you with other CRM implementation services, our program and project management experts have years of experience helping customers define and execute on project plans that match the business requirements.


psst… Trust us, we have implemented many different products and even developed some in house solutions… You likely will love D365, let us show you around before dismissing its power!