Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center Solutions

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based customer experience solution that enables companies to use contact center provider software. The CCaaS model allows companies to purchase only the technology they need, reducing the need for internal IT support.

Let’s Unpack That

The following definitions accurately describe the tools available in a CCaaS solution.

ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) – Distribution equivalent

AI (Artificial Intelligence) – is the ability of a computer to understand the ability of human thinking, chat, etc.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) – CRM software that provides agents with 360 ° customer information they need to address customer needs as quickly as possible

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) – Technology with which the phone and computer can communicate (ie described screen)

Dialer-  Platform / application that automates the process of making old outgoing calls

Gamification– use elements of the game (scoring, competition, etc.) to stimulate the participation and improve the morale of agents

ICR (Intelligent Call Routing) – a term for routing software that attempts to identify callers and route them to the appropriate agent

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – Preset voice / voice prompts and offers, self-service

Omni-Channel – multiple channels that include chat, text / SMS, email, video

Reporting and Analysis – Analyze incoming and outgoing call metrics to improve conversions, including connection numbers, number of contact attempts, leads processed, retention time, call duration, and more. ensfh.

Web RTC (Real Time Communication) – Technology that allows voice and video communication directly via a web browser (eg softphone, etc.)

WFO (Workforce Optimization) – Suite of tools (WFM, Recordings, Quality Mgt, Analytics, Surveys)

Why Choose Contact Centres?

  • Improving the customer experience (CX)
  • State-of-the-art technology enhancements such as Enhanced IVR, Omni-channel, AI and social media
  • Cost savings
  • Allows you to reduce infrastructure, resulting in reduced maintenance costs Provides access to a complete set of features.
  • Reduce downtime

Is Contact Centers Right for My Organization?

CCaaS solutions are rapidly recognized as valuable tools and features that help modern businesses deliver exceptional customer service, as evidenced by market expectations that they will grow to an estimated $ 25 billion by 2022. CCaaS is an ideal choice for multiple contact centers and offers scalability. as an operation. needs a change. Thanks to the flexibility to pay only for the technology needed, the investment is small and costs are significantly reduced as opportunities for better customer service increase.